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Volunteer Journalists Capture Recent European Volunteer Centre Conference

on Fri, 12/09/2011 - 21:15

On October 19-21, the European Volunteer Centre(CEV) sponsored a symposium in Berlin on "Volunteering and Active Citizenship: Two Sides of the Same Coin?"  I had the opportunity to participate in this event which was being videotaped by a team of volunteer journalists. The director and editor, Brian Christopher Griffin, just let me know that two videos have been posted to YouTube.

  • One (7:49 minutes) intersperses remarks made by plenary speakers with short interviews of conference participants from about a dozen countries:
  • A second, shorter (2:58 minutes) video captures the responses of symposium goers to the question, “Are you an active citizen?”

What you get from these videos is some flavor of the best thing about the event:  the many cultural perspectives.

In his e-mail, Brian said:

Shooting the CEV Symposium was a great experience for me. I used to do a lot of volunteer work years ago when I was in college in New York City, and hearing everyone's voices and filming them in Berlin reminded me what volunteering is all about in the first place…

If you can think of any organizations or networks in the UK (I live in London) that might be looking to document their projects, please put me in touch. Besides doing documentary-style videos, I also do "participatory video" projects in which the people being filmed also participate in writing, shooting and editing the video, and I'm working more and more to integrate digital and social media with my video projects. Here's a demo reel of my documentary work:

The symposium was CEV’s official closing to the European Year of Volunteering 2011.  While you are in YouTube, check out a 60 second spot about European volunteering – without dialogue so that it communicates across national borders – with a lovely upbeat feel:

YouTube is filled with great volunteer-related videos (as well as with lots of junk, of course).  Let us know whenever you find something worth sharing with everyone.  For years people have been looking for short videos to show at volunteer recognition events and rarely found what they wanted.  YouTube might fill that gap.

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